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Progressive 416 shocks spongy

I blew out both rear shocks on my last ride. I replaced the seals in both shocks and put in 2 oz. of Dextron III. I aired the shocks up to 50 psi and let it set over night and the next day it was still at 50. A couple days later, I went out to work on the bike and checked the pressure and it was still 50 psi so I put all the tupperware back on and took it off the center stand. By bouncing my butt up and down on the seat, I could get the shocks to bottom out. Or at least it felt that way. I increase the pressure to 60 and still spongy. I called progressive and the guy told me I didn't add enough oil. He said I should have put 6 oz. in each one? Before I go and take everything apart, I wanted to check with others who may have replaced the seals on their 416s and were told to put 6 oz. in also. I know some shocks take 12 oz. but why do the instructions say 2?
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