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Originally Posted by WildWilly018 View Post
Still fighting with this problem. About to pack in this riding season lol. New o ring and still leaks. Torqued to 22 ft/lbs as specs and broke bolt. Took alt off once again and got broken bolt out and got new ones and put in again. leaked again today. So sitting in garage with cardboard under. I am now doubting my abilities to fix it. Do they need to be torqued? What am I missing?

22 ft/lbs sounds right, but I'm amazed that your bolt broke while aiming for that spec... I presume that a Higher Torque must have been applied by accident.
Something I've learned is to "Calibrate my hand" prior to using the torque wrench "for real"; Meaning, I use a Vice to clamp onto the end of the torque wrench (or socket that it's holding), and apply force until the Set Torque is attained via the 'Click'... this way I have a rough FEEL for how much effort I should be apply later when installing the whatever into the bike... eg If my "feel" tells me that I'm at or exceeding that amount, then I know to stop and try again; perhaps verifying that the wrench is set correctly.

Also, another recent lesson for me is to use "Hydraulic Assembly Lube" when installing O-rings... It prevents Tearing of the O-rings, as otherwise can occur when assembling stuff in a Dry condition.

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