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Originally Posted by GL 1200A View Post
Hi Kelly, In my opinion you are doing the right move with Seafoam. I use it every tank on my 85 Aspy. Your bike with 58k miles is running lean. There may be dirt in the carbs (likely if it sat with unprotected fuel in the carbs), but 1st you must do a carb balance with mixture screw adjustment. The mixture screw controls idle AND off-idle fine fuel adjustments. Adding a shim to the metering rods and up sizing the jets will also fix this lean condition, but if you haven't changed the stock exhaust there is no reason for making these changes. Take up the offer from Rockford to balance the carbs (very important) and make sure to set the mixture screw as well (procedure in repair manual). Best of luck.

Thanks for the input, I will take it to heart.

Took the day off the internet yesterday for my annual celebration of completing another rotation around the sun (ie, the dreaded birthday).

I've officially run one tank thru the bike now and filled up again on Thursday, along with another half can of Seafoam. I ended up with 38 and change MPG on the first tank, but keep in mind that I end up in a lot of stop and go on the tollway (pay to sit) punctuated by periods of running it up to 80 and then repeating - so I can't really complain so far. The only thing I can say about a full-fairing bike in the sun but whew man those legs get hot.

My present to myself was a new windscreen to replace the ruined original. I'm glad I did swap it, because I found several cracked off pieces under the front shroud. So now I'll be able to see through the screen AND I grabbed a vented one, so I can get some airflow. I'm probably more excited about that than I should be.

EDIT: Oh, just a touch more info - warm idle is around 1150. I see Honda stated 1000 +/- 100 in the manual so I don't think this seems out of line by much. Might be worth adjusting slightly with a carb sync.

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