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1986 gl1200A backfiring and stalling

So I recently bought this 86 1200a with 94k miles. After purchase I was driving home and after 40 miles or the bike started backfiring and stalling, pulled off the road and tried to restart and it would constantly backfire some more. I then waited 10 mins and tried to start again and it fired right up no problems like nothing happened. Started back down the road 5 miles or so and it started to do it again in which this time it wouldn’t start. Next day I got it home via trailer and it started up went 9 miles back fired stalled got it home and started to trouble shoot it. I drained fuel took air compressor and sprayed in petcock in hopes to clear blockage replaced fuel filter and pump. Took for ride and same thing again. Checked spark plugs 1-3 were dark and 2-4 were white pulled coil and checked right coil and failed replaced coil started it up and same thing happened again. So at this point I’m at a loss runs fine otherwise no flat spots only stutters when backfire starts and stalls. At this point I’m at a loss can someone point me in the right direction
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