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I have not stopped following this thread. To be honest I am not sure which gauges it has but I do seem to remember commenting to the wife about how hard it was to see them so they probably are the white ones. I had the carbs off of this bike a couple times to clean them and try to diagnose a rich running issue on the left side. Vacuum lines are all good and supple but it still does not run to my liking. I bought kits for it and once I am back on my feet and if I can remember where I put the kits the carbs will go into the ultrasonic cleaner and they will get the whole treatment. I don't know if you remember my posts from when I got this bike but the lower fairings and the fan outlets have been deformed by heat. No signs of fire so all I can think of is someone fired it up and left it running on choke and forgot about it and it ran real hot without moving. I am looking for the lower fairings preferably in the right color since the rest of the bike is in really nice condition. I would hate to paint a bike that does not need it. If I have to sell it then so be it, I will try to get out of it what I have in it. I am not desperate so if it does not sell I will just sit on it for a while. I do not see these depreciating all that much.
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