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Originally Posted by Virto View Post
Little update, since I don't like letting threads die out without updates or conclusions -

I managed to find the time to meet up with Carl and accept his beyond gracious offer of taking a look at the bike and going over some things with me.

First order of business was a compression check, which went well, with a range of 140-145. The carb sync went similarly well, with everything very close together as they were, but with room for some tweaking and idle speed adjustment. Afterwards we did some cruising and, in my opinion, had an awesome time.

I will say, I'm jealous of the torque the 1500 puts out. I had to downshift the 1200 to keep up on hills.

In all, I put around 300 miles on the bike today and she ran like a top. I'll have to see how it behaves when it's cold, yet, but there's time for that to come.

Now I'll be searching for threads on exhaust gaskets. My hot feet make me think there's a leak at the flange, and Carl noted that he heard me coming - I might think the bike is quiet compared to what I'm used to, but there's probably room for improvement.

As far as downshifting goes, I just kept it in fourth gear.


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