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Originally Posted by Flyboy View Post
Thanks to you and Sonya for taking us all on your trip.
Thanks. Love your avatar - white knuckle airline, haven't seen or flown in one of those in a few years.

John- having a SPOT or the Garmin/Delorme variant are, in my mind, essential on a trip like this. I had mentioned in one of my posts that a transport decided to pass going uphill, and when we crested the rise and saw him in our lane, pucker factor went up. All was well, but could have been bad. Don't know what the cell coverage was, but if non-existent, time is not on your side.

Next trip that I report on, I will be using the tracker log function and posting the map so others can see the route progress.

Looking forward to doing another journal, even though it is a challenge to do.


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