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Originally Posted by CrystalPistol View Post
MCs are generally NOT EMVs.
I don't mind flashing headlights on EMVs when operating in emergency response, but I remain of the opinion that modulating headlights have no place on regular traffic.

I'm not unfamiliar to EMV as I was a Volunteer Fireman a few decades ago. IIRC, in the early to mid 60's, DOT mandated that motorcycles must have their headlights on while in operation to make themselves seen in traffic. With most all car now having daytime running lights, that advantage is lost. Just last Friday, a local motorcyclist was killed when a oncoming car turned left in front of him. I bet you dollars to donuts he didn't have a modulating headlight. DOT says I can use them, If you don't like it, you need to lead a national movement to ban them.


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