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"Emergency vehicles being operated on highways have lights and sirene to enable their operator to redirect attention momentarily, to "distract" others from other mundane tasks. If every class of vehicle is to be allowed to steadily distract at driver's will in whatever fashion desired for their own purpose, reasonable or not, soon there would be no reason to equip emergency vehicles thusly.

A huge concession was made when headlight modulators were first approved, but the approval process included concessions the cyclist agree to, like using approved modulators (no alternating or flashing, certain frequency of modulations, etc). While a legal modulator is legal, I find it is still distracting in my mirror.

Like lane splitting though legal in many places it has it's own set of dangers."

Am I to understand it is OK for an EMV to distract my attention causing me to look away from the task at hand, possibly putting me and others at risk .
Though legal, I should not use a modulator to get other drivers attention , to make them aware of my presence?

What about the tow truck running amber lights for miles at a time . What danger is it making me aware of?
In my area school busses run super brightwhite stobe lights . Buss empty or full. Why ?
Workers of all types wear orange or green vest . The object is to be seen .A modulator serves the same purpose.

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