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Originally Posted by DBohrer View Post
CrystalPistal, A good friend of mine was killed by another motorcyclists in a head on collision. Both on motorcycles. My friend had a modulator (in use) on his bike.

The modulator did not save my friends life.........!!

Would this be proof they don't always prevent accidents.....??

Reference post # 3..........!!

I am truly sorry to hear about your friend. I have lost a couple of friends while riding bikes.
There is no guarantee that anything will ALWAY prevent accidents. There is no guarantee the seat belts will always save your life. If you or anybody else don't want to use a Modulator, then don't. That's good news for me as the fewer Modulators that are out there, the more my bike stands out. Just don't whine & cry or tell me I can't use it.


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