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Originally Posted by run4jc View Post
Want to check back in. I'm not much of a 'poster' but this is worth reporting. A week or so back I picked up my Wing from one of the best independent Honda mechanics in town. While he had it: Timing belts, drain and replace all fluids, replaced plugs, oil and air filters (the filter looked like it had never been changed...don't judge...I just bought it in April!), lube, tightened steering head, and I probably missed something. It's a different bike now. Amazed at the longevity of these bikes. Granted, it has 'only' 65k miles, but it is 21 years old. Had it out on the interstate this morning and was amazed at the smooth power delivery at interstate speeds. If this one is this nice, I can't imagine how nice the newer ones must be.
Sub air filter and cruise filter. Also the right air shock boot. Your bike has the Valkyrie U-joint (slightly physically larger) but Honda used the Gold Wing boot. The U-joint rubs and tears the boot. Need the Drive Shaft Boot part # 52104-MZ0-A40 for the 1997 2003 Valkyrie.

Was not a recall but Honda replaced them under warranty....!!

At the next rear tire change, check/lube the rear drive shaft splines. Yes, they have been known to strip.

If your bike has the OEM alternator, they were made in another country and subject to premature failure. Having a spare is a good idea....!
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