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I think the next step for you is to bend the lock tab out of the way so you can remove the nut holding the clutch plates/hub assembly on the main shaft.
I know mother honda has a special tool to hold the clutch center . Not sure about the space you are working in. If you have access to an air impact and space to use it. that might remove the nut without the honda tool .
When you begin removing all these clutch parts pay close attention the order of assembly . There are many parts that need to reassemble in the correct order. Are you working with a Honda Service manual?
As you remove the parts the fibre disc should measure 3.5mm/0.14in . The steel plates should measure 0.30mm/0.012in.
I dont see a measurement for the damper plate, only to check that the wave springis not damaged. If this damper wave spring is flat that could be the problem.
When you get to the diaphragm spring it should be a convex shape measuring 5.1mm/0.20in tall. Measuring it laying flat, convex up. Measure from the center tangs to the base/surface you have it laying on.
If you are able to remove the clutch center/hub the diaphragm spring is located behind this hub.

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