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So you have removed the nut from the mainshaft and pulled the clutch pak out of the basket? If so there is no tension on the clutch plates.
You should have in hand 21 pieces of the clutch pak
One clutch center
One pressure plate ( four posted part)
nineteen assorted fibre/steel plates ( which must be kept in correct order)
7 disc A- fibre
1 disc B- fibre
2 disc C- fibre
1 Clutch damper plate ( 3 pieces , 2 plates seperated by a wave spring)
8 steel plates
If you have the pressure plate in hand , look on the main shaft for the diaphragm spring. Also what looks like a circlip.

Now with the clutch assembly removed, Put the transmission in gear. Rotate the output shaft ( drive shaft) When doing this the mainshaft should rotate in the same direction .

Do you have the factory service manual? If so we can be sure we are talking/looking at the same reference points.

Let us know what you find.

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