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Thanks for the tips Dave, for the parts, I just wanted to know which website you guys mostly buy from.

It's great to know that I can use automotive belts of the same size.

After some reading I'll do as below, if i'm wrong someplace please let me know:

-Remove dirt and debris from spark plug recesses with compressed air.
-Soak the area around the spark plugs with wd40 and leave overnight.
-Remove spark plugs and squirt wd40 (or brake fluid?) into each cylinder …this will help free up your rings and lube the cylinder walls.
-Replace plugs. (any recommendations?)
-Install fresh, fully charged battery.
-Address coolant status. Drain and re-fill as necessary for initial startup. Tap water is fine for now.
-With kill switch “off,” spin the engine on the starter for a few seconds…this will distribute the oil in each cylinder.
-Let the bike sit overnight.
-Drain the old oil.
-Replace oil with the cheapest 30W you can buy.
-Clean air filter.
-Rectify ALL problems with fuel tank. There should be no rust whatsoever in tank! Suspended rust in fuel will KILL any subsequent carb rehab efforts!
-Install new fuel filter.

-Start the engine, allow the engine to warm up, but DO NOT RIDE!
-While the engine is warm, drain the oil.
-Fill crankcase with a 50/50 mix of cheap 30W and Dextron auto transmission fluid.
-Start engine and run for 20 minutes at 3500 – 4000 rpms on the center stand…DO NOT RIDE with this mixture in crankcase…any loading might damage your engine. This will clean your engine internals and free-up piston rings. Don’t be alarmed …your engine will SMOKE quite a bit with this mixture.

-While the engine is warm, drain this oil/Dextron mixture.
-Replace oil filter (which I don't have at the moment)
-Refill crankcase with high quality oil. (any recommendations?)
-Adjust valves.

1984 GL1200
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