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Plan sounds pretty good....
Remove spark plugs and squirt wd40 (or brake fluid?) into each cylinder Öthis will help free up your rings and lube the cylinder walls.
-Replace plugs. (any recommendations?)

I wouldn't use brake fluid, some Dexron would be good to put in there. NGK (OEM by the way) plugs should be available in Kuwait.

I'd also address the fuel tank BEFORE trying to spin the engine over, unless it was stored dry you may find yourself pumping the carburetors full of some really nasty stuff!

As to oil recommendations, I don't know what brands are available in Kuwait, a lot of us are using Diesel 5w40 oil of various brands, look for oil listing JASO-MA or MA2 in the certifications, this has no friction modifiers and will be great for the bike's wet clutch. Stay away from any of the oils made for modern cars, they are usually loaded with friction modifiers and will make the clutch slip like crazy.

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