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Originally Posted by AZgl1800 View Post
When I flew down to Tampa, FL to get my 'new to me' "98SE", I had a duffel bag sitting up vertical on the pillion seat. it was strapped in solid, and weighed about 50+ lbs..... boots, heavy coat, rain gear, two weeks of laundry so I did not have to do any going home....

when I started out heading north on I-75, I was about to pass a horse trailer that was in the right lane, I was about 45* behind and to his left....

The left front trailer tire blew up, the entire casing came off the inner core, and it made a direct hit to the front of my "brand new" bike....

luckily the casing struck a glancing blow on the right side, swiping off some chrome bits...... I could see some pieces hanging out, so decided to pull over to check it out.

the berm was slanted downhill about 15 degrees..... that usually does not bother me, but that 98SE had a Heel Toe shifter and floorboards....

those floorboards prevented me from getting my right foot down onto the terra firma, and down we went to the right side. I just pulled my foot up and let it go.

the crash guards did exactly what they were supposed to, nothing was broken, not even the Baker Wind wings.

Instead of unstrapping the duffel bag, I picked it up and set it up and over onto the side stand..... lord uh mercy, it was almost more than I could do.... that was one hell of a load....... never again, I will unload the bike first..
In the mid-70's, I picked up a friend's 550 Honda with sissy bar loaded with bedroll, clothes, Ovation guitar in hard case. Uphill out of a ditch. Once. I was in mid-20s. I know better (and better ways to do it), now.

BTW, the service tech at Honda doesn't lay it over (Oh, I did it again last night to put the newly mounted set back on - remember to let the air pressure down to about 5 psi to get a car tire in). The Honda teck has a trap door on his lift that he can drop, to drop the tire out the bottom. I don't think that is in the FSM, either.

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