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1986 gl1200 sei

I have a new to me SEi that I'm trying to sort out.

When I turn the key on. The Fuel & Fuel system lights light up.
I can hear the pump prime and then stop. I then hit the start button and the bike fires up.

After running at Idle for about 4-5 minutes the bike shuts down by itself.

I can hear the pump still running and a gurgling sound.

I opened the gas cap and I can see the fuel is returning to the tank.

Do you think the pressure regulator is bad (Staying open)
By flooding the engine,causing it to quit?

When I turn on the ignition. I see the Rear computer lights light up then go out.

When the bike dies.
The Fuwel system light doesn't light anymore when I cycle the ign. or flip the kill switch.

I see weird stuff on the LCD panel. (When I flip the kill switch)

With the key on. The Fuel light comes on, but not the Fuel system or Cruise light?.

If I keep flipping the kill switch the Tach blocks move showing 998 RPM's but the bike isn't running??.

The PO said he gave up on the bike believing it was a bad kill switch?.
At the time I bought it.
No Battery.
Bike has sat for 3-4 yrs.
Fuel inlet hose was off the pump?
the PO gave up after that.

I drained the fuel & replaced with fresh fuel & Battery.

At that point the bike started up after a minute or so.
So I never installed the Fuel pump I bought (PO had a pill bottle on the fuel inlet hose??)

When I put the new battery in. I couldn't hear the pump run at all.
Now it won't stop running after a few minutes of the bike actually running.

Any suggestions to try??

Edited to add.

I changed the Rear Computer (Still no dash fuel system light)

I changed the Start cluster, (Still no dash fuel light.)
All the connections and 30 Amp fuses are nice and tight, (Checked continuity -power going through all connections.)

I took out the dogbones to see if one might be cracked?/-They were both good.

Dash display is still acting crazy after the kill switch cluster change!!.

I had all these spare parts from a running SEI that I just parted out.

Time to look at the two grounds under the faux tank.

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