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Number one, I don't think that either the kill switch or the pressure regulator is bad..

When the bike is initially cranked up it should go from idle to about 1200-1400rpm for a minute or so until it warms up and then return to idle @ 1000rpm + 100rpm.. Does it do this?? Can you rev the bike up after she warms up? If so, is there a "stumble" when you roll the throttle? If there is there might be a bad spot in the TPS that can cause the bike to die at idle... For starters I would tap the idle up to about 1200rpm after she's warmed up just to see what happens with her. Use a flashlight and look at the linkage at the rear of the engine, roll the throttle with the engine off and you'll see the adjustment screw in the center rear of the engine.

Try this and let's go from there....


1985 Gl1200 Limited Edition
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