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Originally Posted by ValkyrieRider View Post
huh? cam timing can be off due to belts, such as a stretched belt, which affects emissions. some engines are not interference engines, jumping a tooth on a belt, engine would still run, but bad emissions.

the materials of the belt do not degrade, otherwise Honda would have given a time to change if age was a problem on their flagship model which could be had with a seven yr warranty.
the belts are very under stressed, not exposed to the elements and high underhood engine heat.

I just checked mine at 62000 miles when I was changing heads. The belts looked new, zero wear.
It is not unusual for a belt to look just fine but be broken. They don't usually show signs of failure to the naked eye. It would be like taking your engine apart to see if a connecting rod is going to fail. Can't tell. That is why it is so spooky. Also I agree timing belts can cause emission issues but that is a stretch. (no pun intended) A stretched belt really has no real affect on camshaft timing. If it stretched far enough to cause emission issues the teeth of the belt would not mesh with the sprocket and the engine would not run that way. Emission related components are more likely induction related, sensors, cats etc. I think if you brought your car to your dealer and asked for emission warranty when a belt fails you would have an argument on your hands..


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