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Originally Posted by Jerry Burns View Post
I had my Bike Loaded with my stuff for a ride over Tioga Pass Headed for Lee Vining and up Hwy 395 to Carson City to see the Train Museum. Went to shut the bike off and the Starter keep running. Well I got it shut off but then it would not start. I ordered new relay's from Cycle Max and a used starter from Southern California. Got the new starter in and still nothing, it turned out to be the B relay but I replaced them both.

That was caused by the relay A stuck in the closed position (not the relay B).....!!

The B relay is the one closer to the front of the bike, the one back at the Battery is the A relay and I think it controls the reverse.

You are correct on the locations of the relays. The relay A does control the reverse, it also powers and triggers the relay B.

I seriously doubt that relay B was your problem.....!!

Been riding and wrenching on GL1500's 26 years and haven't came across a relay B failure yet. Its usually always the relay A....!!!!

I might be wrong but I bought both so might as well put them on. My bike is a 1993 with 162,000 miles on it and I think that was the original starter.

The GL1500 starters last a long time (miles). My '99 with 222k miles still has the OEM starter. While doing some other mAintenance on a 1989 Gold Wing with 200k miles, we removed the starter to check it out. The brushes were still only about half worn down but we did replace them. All else was good with the starter.

I am wondering why you was worried about the starter motor based on the symptoms involved....!!

I'm the guy that was complain about Honda putting the starter and Alt on the back of the motor when I changed the motor 2 years ago. I guess it get's easier if you do it a few times. Well next Monday I'll pack it up and try my trip again the bike is running good and start's right up. I think my old starter needs new brushes and a good cleaning so I will rebuild it and keep it for a spare. If it was not for this Site and Goldwing Doc's I would not know how to fix this stuff and I want to say a big Thank You to everyone who write's stuff on here. It keeps these old bike's running and running. Thank You!
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