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Im riding my 7th Wing which happens to be a 94 GL1500A with 44k. I frequently ride with a church group here in the hot humid weather of Tampa Bay. When I bought this it was making an odd noise I attributed to a tired acceleration issue. I drained the tank. Refueled with ethanol-free and 4oz of MMO. About the second time I started it up it backfired through the carb (puked up some crap no doubt) and its been running fantastic ever since. Starts up the first second I hit the starter. Like you I used to run with Rotella but with this bike I decided to go with a higher, more expensive, grade of motorcycle oil and I think that has helped too. I also use MMO in every fresh oil change. This stuff does everything they claim it does. I couldn't be more pleased. After you've changed out the rubber mounts, and hopefully that works, you may want to consider the MMO additive as it really does help. Neither you or I have very many miles for the age of our bikes which suggests they had periods of storage time off and on. To keep them on the edge you have to sometimes think outside the box. Im sure there's more and better advice on here you can use, but after running 28 bikes, most of them used, I follow my instincts and simply do what keeps working; and its not what is always recommended. Good luck!
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