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Originally Posted by TonimusMaximus View Post
3-5K. Anywhere in there is fine. Just hold it steady and check the voltage at the battery. Compare to the dash gauge to get an idea how far off it is. I'd bet your gauge is a full volt off. Like John said, the gauge is more to show trends than exact measurements. I put a cigarette lighter DVM in my fairing pocket to give me a much more accurate check.
So I checked the battery with my DVM and it was showing around 15.9 to 15.6 at the battery, the book says the regulator should kick it at 14-15 volts, also it gets pretty damn hot! is the regulator going bad? I've put over 2000 miles on it so far with it no issues, I never thought to check until I put the led headlight in, I put the halogen bulb back in also to see if that helps
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