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Originally Posted by Rednaxs60 View Post
The OEM TPS cannot be repaired - sealed unit. Aftermarket TPS units that will work are on eBay - check for Honda TPS units, inexpensive and work. Buy a couple of them in case one is faulty - the QA on these units is not the best. See my post #36.

The aftermarket TPS unit case will need to be trimmed to fit where the TPS is installed. See attachment.

When you reinstall the TPS keep at the lower limit of the calibration and it will operate well. You have to calibrate with the ignition on. When you do this rotate the TPS until the ECU provides an error code. You can do this for too low a voltage reading and too high. TPS calibration has to be out quite a bit for this to happen.

For the fuel shut off VV. Mine leaked as well. Drilled out the rivets, inverted the internal 4 hole diaphragm, and went to the local hydraulic shop for a new o-ring. Put back together with small bolts and it has been working fine for 3 years. Here are some attachments showing what I did.

Good luck.
I see in your attachments that one aftermarket TPS attach points are cut off. Did you end up using the attach points on the other one or did you modify that one as well? I just cut the tabs off of mine and and trimming to fit the original attach bracket.

I got rid of my alluminum wings and picked up a Goldwing. Here to be a Light.

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