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Being a firefighter for almost thirty years in my younger days I know there are some drivers that will use the siren as needed and others that will never let off of it. Sounds like you had one of the latter. I don't think the siren was on MAX as they passed you, it just sounded that way since they were right there next to you. I agree that it was unnecessary in a way but I can tell you that in those thirty years, 25 of which I also drove the trucks I had people that had no clue at all you were coming since they never used their mirrors, and this included motorcycles and next thing you know they cut you off. While not necessary to keep the siren going nowadays with electronic sirens I personally would have given it a few blips as I was coming by to make sure I had your attention. As far as flipping them off, That I do not think was appropriate, these guys have a tough enough job as it is and need public support not hate. Just think of it this way, if it were your property burning would you want them to not use the siren because it might upset someone? I have had cops do that to me where they either started right next to me, came up on me so fast I never saw them coming or they came out of a side street and again I never saw them but when that siren goes off in your ear and you never knew it was there I can tell you it give the adrenaline gland a workout!!! I have almost crashed twice due to that, usually into the car next to me.
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