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batess6 wrote:
Garmin wants 199.00 for an upgraded chip. Seems a little high to me.

[size=I may have other problems with the GPS on my 2006. ]When programmed and traveling on the interstate it wants me to take every exit and then take the onramp back on the interstate.

[size=Has anybody run into this problem?]

[size=I was in a Honda dealer in Kingman, AZ getting new tires and they told me they knew nothing about the GPS and that I should call Garmin. ]I emailed Garmin about the problem a couple of months ago and have never received a response.

If the honda GPS is set to avoid highways on the main menu, it will full time when using the interstate take you off at each exit and then put you right back on the interstate.

My Zumo 550 will do the very same thing and it is one of the very best GPS units every made. It is in the way you program the unit, if you wish to run the interstate and not be bothered with all that , go to your main menu and pick that you wish to run the highway. It will stop doing that.


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