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Cousin Jack hit the big one. I've seen so many people who went with the smallest tent (cheapest) tent they could get. They paid for it when they had to spend more than one night in it, there was no room, it got damp and everything got wet.

My advise is to look at it from the reverse direction, not the smallest you can strap on, but rather the biggest...... NO JOKES.

Myself, I have a large tent that has both a cabin and a netted dining area. It's a bit cumbersum, but it allows me a place to get the bike out of the rain as well without having to carry a cover for it. Also it allows me to keep to keep it secure if I'm in an area where I have reason to worry about someone messing with it.

Whatever you get, waterproof it with a good silcone spray every year, it's a quick job and a small investment to stay dry.

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