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Cousin Jack wrote:
Long term tent camper, me....... and I've got a few suggestions:

First, carry the biggest tent you can. Small size and compactness is attractive, until being inside "small and compact" during a three day rainstorm. If at all possible, I'd suggest a four-person tent for two, and a two-person tent for one. My opinion only, of course......

Specific models:

Eureka Timberlines, 2-person or 4-person, $160, Campmor

R.E.I. Half-Dome, 2-person, $160, R.E.I.

A medium priced backpacking tent is sufficient; 4-season tents or mountaineering tents are overkill.... unless you are trying to get your Goldwing up the Northeast Ridge of Mt. Everest......

(Eureka Timberline 4, alonside the Clearwater River, Idaho)

Could not have said it better, when they tell you 2 man that's about all that you will get in it. Remember you will need to put a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad or matress of some kind in there to. Unless you have a place to stow your gear outside it's not going to fit inside.

Just some tips from a long time camper

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