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We use a trailer so our carrying space is a bit more. We have a 6 person Coleman cabin tent. It takes a bit more to set up and take down but we like it a lot. We use cots for sleeping so the straight walls were important. There is also room for us to sit inside in lawn chairs if the weather is in an uncooperative mood. It has been through some nasty thunder storms and never got wet inside. We used it over 3 days that were raining most of the time and it stayed warm and dry inside.

No doubt it is way easy to get a tent too small. Keep in mind when they say sleeps 2 they mean just exactly that, You can sleep 2 people but that is if they are not large people, and are very friendly. That leaves no room for bags, or other gear. If you are going with 2 people a 4 person tent is the absolute minimum I would consider.


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