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Cousin Jack wrote:
Tent choice is aserious issue, and deserves thought and consideration. Complexity of use is another problem sometimes. Red and I, being educators with no money and not much sense, often took trips that lasted six to eight weeks......(I've noticedthe tripsare getting somewhat shorter as the years progress!). Putting up and taking down a tent for six weeks gets to be a pain in the keister......... We got so we could pitch our A-frame Eureka in our sleep, but it still could be a pain in the keister (what is a keister, anyway.....?)

I remember a nice lady, Doctor's wife, who was camping in a big KOA near Billings, Montana. She had five or six kids and was handling them alone on a multi-week trip while her husband wrote a book. She had a monster of a tent with separate rooms, and had managed to get the damned thing up, but hadn't secured some of the guy ropes..... The wind was blowing right smartly, and this beautiful little girl with eyes the size of coffee cup saucers came over and said to Red:

"Our tent fell over and is upside down, and all our stuff is, too! Whatever are we going to do?" Red, charmed to the bone, and I went over, and with three other guys -- all bikers -- managed to get the thing upright and stapled down! Poor woman!

If you can, pitch the tent in the store for practice.... look for optimal simplicity along with size and weight! And for sure, set the tent up once at home before you head for BeartoothPass!

And what ever you do, don't leave the rain fly cover for your new tent at home like I did when we went to Calhoun!:cheek y1:

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