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Foodman wrote:
After you get some clothes, my next suggestion is to buy the cheapest stuff you can find.. At your age, after 1 night on the ground, you'll dumping all that camping stuff in the first trash can you see and heading for a Motel............
Been there, done that...............
Ah fudgesticks! I'm 67 and still camping! The new gear is amazingly comfortable and I'm just as comfortable in my Eureka tent as in a motel... like Dusty Boots says, the air mattresses get cool, but since we travel mostly in the summer months, it doesn't seem to be an issue with us.Like Dusty, we'll go with Thermarests when we know we're gonna be cold.....

I think I've said this before in a similar thread: I think motels are overpriced, noisy, sometimes dangerous, and always filthy..... the next time you try to sleep in a motel bed, think of all the people that have been in that bed before you, and of all the things done there! Also, they don't have rocket scientists cleaning those rooms......

No motels for me if possible..... I've camped all over this great land, andcamping is one of the major determinates of a quality life for Red and me..... we love it....... get out there, Chester, you'll not regret it!

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