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Yeah, I agree- it's a bit of a pisser, and definitely something I'd take into consideration, if I were in a position to buy a new bike.

The local Honda dealership has at leastfourstrikes against it, in my view-

1) They won't touch a pre-1990's bike...again, they cite that "liability/accountability" issue,'d sure think they could come up with some sort of "disclaimer" for things like a "carb sync" (which is actually super-easy, once you have the equipment, and know how to do it).

2) The local focus is ATV's and dirt bikes- they stock one or two 1800's at a time, and carry a selection of "barely used, but possibly heavily abused", Superbikes of varying brands (translates to "not yet crashed"), but no old stuff at all.

3) They will only "service what they sell" basically- they will mount a tire they've sold me at a fair price if I hand 'em the wheel....but that's as far as they go.

4) They won't be put out to accomodate tourists- I've stood there while they refused an oil change on a GL (probably 1800) for a pair of passing tourists....that may be good business sense, but it's incredibly bad form...just my opinion.

I was tempted to ask the gent to buy an oil filter, go next door with me to Napa Auto Parts to buy the oil, and use my tools to change it. I would have, of course, dumped the used oil in the parking lot of the Honda Dealer....yeah, I'm destined for jail of these days..........

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