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ScooterTramp wrote:
Does Honda (corporate) really care about all this?
Hi Scooter:

Actually they do. It is a complicated situation and there are so many opinions including mine, and so many times we as people express our feelings in a time when we are mad that the real issue is overlooked.

Honda is not at all cooperative at the corporate office if you call them with a technical problem. There are many reasons for this, mostly it is due to legal issues. They also do wish to allow the dealers to deal with the situations and will flat out just tell you so.

Dealers learn too, I learn, we can all learn. I have learned that rather than gripe at them all the time to work with them. We can all learn to do things better, and to work together if we wish to.

So yes they do care, and if you will work within their guidelines results that bring improvement are normally the result.

I am one of the worst I suppose, I have been around motorcycles so long, and seen and experienced so many things at dealers, that I have this instinctive mistrust.

Bear in mind that a mechanic at a Honda Shop, at least where I live top wage is about $12 dollars an hour. The other fellows who prep the new bikes and get them ready for delivery , clean the shop, wash the bikes, and do the general work around the shop will be paid from $6 to $8 dollars an hour. The employee turnover is very high, and quality employees are hard to come by.

I am not trying to justify the many things that happen due to this, just explaining the reason why it does happen.

In my situation I really got upset with them. I did write to and call Mother Honda. And they did listen. I got no less than a dozen phone calls both from Honda and my local Dealer over the situations with the bike I purchased from them. I simply saw no justification for delivery of a new machine to a customer as had happened.

The end result was not hard feelings, but improvement. The dealer has now put into place new delivery procedures, developed a check list for the yahoos to go by and does try his best. I was also offered a free in house service contract for one year for my bike as a way of apology, the shop manager did call me and we had a long talk.

They still do have problems, due to the employee turnover, and the quality of those who do these jobs, but it is improving.

I would like to think that I can learn, and as most dealers in the local areas , do a whole lot to promote the sport of motorcycles, and to help with our activities, and the charity rides, and safety fairs, and do so many things that are directly to our benefit, that we can all learn to work with them, and not against them.

I have learned this, and hey it is a lot more fun to start each day with a smile and calm spirit than be all mad at the dealer and ready to fight as soon as you walk into the front door.

I have learned to ignore the yahoos who cause the situations and just go talk to the owner or the shop manager. You will get positive results this way. I did turn down the offer of the service contract, I did discuss this with the shop manager and simply told him my reason was quite simple, a lifetime of mistrust is hard to overcome. That is your goal, to build trust to your customers, as for me I will change my own oil, this way I know those yahoos will not put an air impact wrench on the drain plug and strip out the block.

Yes the do listen, they do care, but it is a big world, with many people involved, and a high turnover of employees, they are working on it, as for myself, I am working on my attitude towards the dealers, and will simply try to provide positive comments to them from now on, instead of getting mad at them.


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