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Hi Kit. Life been treating you good (or at least done you no harm)?

I take a more direct approach. I go at the dealership, in sections. Service, Parts and sales. I've got to know them and (more importantly) they've got to know me. This seems to be working well with service. Parts not so good. I've already bought the thing, so who needs sales.

I have gone to the dealer. Used their computer to find a product and show it to the parts dude and they still screw it up. I did this in front of the parts manager. All I get is, conflicting excuses, when things go south. Maybe it is their 'business model', but with today's technology there is no reason why I have to have a dedicated 'parts rep'. Any one of them should be able to find out the status of an order. I should not have to wait (I don't do this well) for these dudes to show up for work, or get off there dead ass. I haven't tried talking to the owners. There are three of them. Not sure which one to talk too.

Anyway, I like hitting a nail with a hammer. For the money I've shelled out for this thing, I want it my way - not theirs. I went through this type of thing, with HD, years ago. One call to the factory and it was 'taken care of'. Like you, after it was all over, I became an ace Harley mechanic. Did all my own work, after that. That was before electronics, however. But I digress.

Judging by the managers they have on staff, the owners can't be much. Besides that, when we go 'exploring', am I going to have to go to war with every dealer I encounter? Sooner or later I'll know enough about these things (the GW) so I don't need these people. But until then, I do.

I think that Honda should be there, if I need that hammer. They were there taking my money.

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