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winginitrick wrote:
Kit Carson wrote:
Dear American Honda:

There is a fellow on this site who needs some help. Dealers have been contacted and the problem has not been resolved.

I had written your company a letter by registered mail and had gotten no timely response so today I called your company.

To begin with just to talk to someone was a very long wait, 35 minutes before anyone would even say hello.

Once I got past the fact it was not my bike I wanted help with, but still a goldwing, I was politely informed that the Company of American Honda does not, will not , in no uncertain terms.......absolutely will not...provide any type, kind or hint of technical assistance to any owner of any Honda motorcycle either by phone or written word.
All technical assistance must come through your dealer.

I was finally given over to a supervisor who documented my complaints with dealer service and my own personal experience with my dealer, but this may or may not do any good.

In the interest of long term relationships with your customers.....I would certainly consider a little bit more of an interest in your customers....might help you keep a few.

I have dealt with both Yamaha and Harley Davidson.......on various issues...and they were always quite helpful and tried their best to explain things and to provide any kind of assistance they could......yes they also prefer you use a dealer......but also understand that at a certain point the buyer becomes totally frustrated with a dealers and wishes to go to the next step.

I sincerely hope you listen to this. I do like my 1800, I think it to be the very best engineered motorcycle to have ever been built.

Still your customer service really stinks......there are no nice words to simply other way to explain it.

wow, kit, i cant believe honda treated you that way. ive never called them, but hell now i know i aint goin to call them. i wonder what the hell they were thinkin?...rick
It is a matter of legal issues. They could certainly be helpful if they wished to without actually providing instructions to an unqualified purchaser, but they have a system in place that provides no technical support to anyone who purchases a machine. It does have to all go through a dealer. Of all the motorcycle manufacturers I have ever dealt with Honda has the most unrelenting system in place of any of them.

You can see their point in some ways, if they were to provide information on the repair of some items, quite possibly the repair would not be properly done and injury or death could be a result. They have no idea of the persons skills calling them, so they simply make sure you go through a dealer.

No I do not like their policy, but as time has went on I have came to understand it. The one saving grace is if you do come afoul of a dealer who will not resolve your situation, or is unable or unwilling to , the warranty does allow you to go to another dealer and obtain service, sometimes this is quite an outlay of time and expense, if the dealer is some distance away. But they could be much more helpful.

I had a problem with a Yamaha Venture. It was a 2007 model and it was one of those deals where I made the original mistake of purchasing it new, sight unseen from a dealer , flying in to get it and riding it home. About 400 miles into the return trip I almost turned it around and took it back to the dealer, but it was too late, it was mine, I was the dummie, I had bought the thing.
The Venture has a history with some of its bikes of a very loud chirp at the clutch basket and it is such a high pitched scream, it will drive you bananas trying to put up with it.
I tried several local dealers and they did fix at it. They changed the clutch basket several times and this and that, one dealer even put on a whole new rear drive and drive shaft.
Still the problem was there, I knew it was the main drive gear in the transmission, but the dealers were unwilling to spit the case and make the repair. Same ole thing about warranty work pays only x amount of money and this one gets into our pockets.

So I wrote a registered letter to Yamaha, and it was amazing. They called me and within two hours of the first call with the folks at Yamaha, a dealer called me. I was given a choice to set up a time and place and bring the bike in to have it repaired, a mechanic familiar with the procedure was put on a plane and flown to the dealer I chose and was standing by when I arrived.
The dealership treated me well, and Yamaha paid for my overnight stay , while they fixed the bike. When they got done with it this time it ran quiet strong and sure. So much for the hype the dealers put out about this situation.

The whole time Yamaha did talk to me, did explain things and tell me the reasons and history behind the problem. It was explained in detail to me what caused the problem and its resolution. And they had things put into place to take care of my bike. It is a shame one must go past dealers sometimes, but I use this as an example of what can be if a company wishes to correct a problem.

On the flip side what I see with Honda is they are not going to enter into the picture and build any fires under any dealers. It is going to have to be up to us, to find a quality dealer who will spend the time and effort to correct a problem without a hassle.

So summary of my experiences is quite simply Honda will help us, but only through a dealer. They will not discuss any technical issues with you the consumer. They will provide support and help to a dealer, in regards to solving your situation, but in no way will involve the customer.

There are most likely some more reasons on the legal side that I do not fully comprehend also. So maybe it is a system put into place to protect the company.

So there is no real set answer, and I will leave it with this comment. I also work for the public, in the plumbing field. If I install a new commode for you and it malfunctions and you call me and ask me how to fix it, I also will not tell you. All I will tell you over the phone is to please turn off the water supply valve to it, and I will come and take care of it. Why? Because if I tell you how to fix it and you do and later on that night the fill mechanism flies apart and floods out the upstairs of the home and does many dollars worth of damage, guess who pays for it? Yep. Joe the Plumber pays the bill!!

So I do wish to be fair, to try to understand, and balance the reasons with the results.

I am getting more mellow with age, and do try to work with the dealers and resolve things if need be. I have learned to leave my temper at the door.

Hope this helps.


The 1800 is my bike. The very best motorcycle ever made. I was enthralled with my first test ride on this machine. It is a great bike. A crotch rocket with storage bags.............As for oil I use the slick kind, and I like round tires, but as of late I have found square ones work best on the rear. Pirelli Eufori 195/55/16 @ 32 PSI
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