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Kit Carson wrote:
I would like to add something to all this. Many including myself at times have been to a dealer with some type of situation and the service manager simply seems to have a brain that is somewhat small. You explain it all to him and he says, we cannot help you, or tells you something that you know is mushroom flavored.

Employees are not the dealer. Just like the ones that delivered my bike to me and while standing out in the lot going over it I asked them several times as a hint , what is the correct air pressure for the tires? One said I will look it up for you, another just looked at me. The salesman did not know!!. The bike was also low on coolant, to the point of overheating by the time I got home. I had had Kuryakyn floor boards installed at the dealer and they have to come off to check the coolant level.....well they got lazy . I had a bad wire harness to the right signal light and it was delivered in this shape, they messed with it for an hour, finally I asked the tech, how about just run a continuity check through the harness? Eh? They did and replaced the short little plug in harness, problem solved. They had put in 5 bulbs by then and just about wore the thing out taking it apart. The rear drive had no oil in it and I suppose I ran it for ten days before I decided to just maybe I should check this.....uh oh. So I put some slick kind in it.

This was all the employees, not the dealer, not the owner. Sure it goes against the grain and I would never ever take my bike to them for service as I got a real good first hand impression of these fellows right off the get go. Also another person recently purchased from this dealer an 2009 and the little new tire light was flashing on all the time, so I said to me.........uh huh.......again some dummie did not check the tire pressure, so they are still at it.

However looking beyond all this, if you do have a real problem and the employees will not give you good service, all it takes is to go speak with the owner of the dealership, you will find them for the most part pretty ok folks. They get ambused a lot by employees that have little mushrooms for a brain.

I know this may not make you feel good about them working on your bike, does not me, it scares me to death. But if something serious comes along, like a rare transmission problem or something and you do not want to tackle it yourself, and do get the run around, go talk to the owner, just betcha he will take care of it.

boy, after reading all that, i am very glad i got my favorite honda dealership: HONDA OF RARDEN. they treat me like gold every time i go in there. ive gone there just to hang out with the "boys". if a problem pops up and i call them, they will say, "bring her in rick"...first name they take off the panels, they hand them to me and i grab a cloth and their honda spray and wipe it down and set it out of the way and go back for the next one. if he needs help holding something or grabbing something, im right there to do it!...if someone comes in and asks anything about a goldwing, im right there selling it for them..course i have bought 2 goldwings from them , and also sold 3 goldwings for them, and also sold 4 shadows for them. so we all get along just fine. i take care of them, they take care of me..........rick

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