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go VHT if you want the best.
dupi-color was invented for girl's.

Uncle A wrote:
I sent a quick email yesterday to Dupli-Color requesting some information on the use of their product. They replied immediately with the right answer. The following is my question to them and the response I received:
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On the can of DE1615, the instructions say to use an engine primer on bare metal. However, your instructions on this (Dupli-Color) website don't mention to use it...what's the correct answer? I looked at Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, and an auto parts store but no one stocks the primer and they think it's not required. Now what?
[/align]Note: I found out later in the day that Engine Primer DE1612 is available in the U.S., but not in Canada. For those of us in Canada, look for VHT products.

Thank you for your inquiry with Dupli-Color. You would want to use the Engine Primer DE1612 on bare metal applications for the best performing system.

A primer is always recommended for the best results. Bare metal or previously coated, a primer will offer better adhesion. You can find VHT products at Summit Racing and ATECH Motorsports. Any vendor that carries Dupli-Color can order any VHT product as we are both owned and operated by the Sherwin Williams Co.

Can labels will always be up to date and accurate and I would refer to them for proper application instructions.

For dealer locations, please contact the Dupli-Color Canadian Technical and Where-To-Buy Help Line at 1-866-736-1487

[/align]Engine Primer ** * Dupli-Color DE1612 available in U.S.
Engine Paint * * ** Dupli-Color DE1615 available in U.S.

Engine Primer * ** VHT CSP-100 High Heat available in Canada
Engine Paint * * ** Dupli-Color CDE1615 available in Canada

I hope this helps with everyone's future projects.
Uncle A.

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