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Mike, The correct diameter of an M4 x .7 JIS screw (Japanese Industrial Standard) or M4 metric screw is 3.8mm as you measured. Problem you are having is that there isn't much length to most of the bowl screws on your Keihin carburetors and when you chase the thread, it removes a bit and now you have stripped the remaining thread if the screw just spins when you tighten it. This is common. I buy metric thread repair kits from Maryland Metric called RECOIL kits. Get a 4mm kit. It will come with inserts, a tap to recut thread for the insert and an install tool and a punch to knock out the pin that allows the install tool to work. They have them in various lengths but I think the 4mm length will be fixed and works without any fuss. There are instructions in the RECOIL kits. You can also use Timeserts or Helicoil. If you use the correct JIS screws which are type J1188B I think, they will have a lockwasher molded onto the screw so you don't need Loctite which will complicate things when you remove the scrrews as you will probably strip the thread that weren't already stripped

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