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Cal-D wrote:
Removing oil will not make the ride any plusher. Oil is used to dampen the fork travel by being forced through a metered hole which is at the bottom of the fork, so lowering the oil level will have absolutly no affect on the ride. To get a softer ride try a lighter oil, maybe 10W or 7W.
Hi Cal-D. You are correct on the change of oil weight. That is included in Progressive's instructions for fine tuning (link in my above post).

Also: Copied word for word from Progressive Spring Installition information for fine tuning (link in my above post):

The oil level also affects the ride, too high an oil level and the forks will feel too stiff, too low an oil height and the bike will bottom and feel soft or dive.

I am happy with my GL 1500 and my GL 1100A and did not use any fine tuning.

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