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I think I got you now, yep with tight spaces comes tight fixes. Of all the things now that we have discussed try anti-oxidant compound, Noal OX,(sp) there are other trade names but they escape me right now. I just spent all day working on the truck and it is too damn cold, so right now I am brain impaired. And to think I still have to complete the work tomorrow. The cold slows me down a lot especially with too many body and joint parts that do not work.

If you find the connectors becoming physically loose in their holding(s) mounts drill a hole on both ends and put in a big tie wrap to secure things. Also you may want to use foam to mount the whole thing back on the handle bars to offset some of the vibes.

As an aside when would you consider changing plugs on a car, no problems at all strictly time and a very few miles, maintenance. Time is 2-1/2 years, distance 30,000 miles. I work on this QX4 every 3 months whether it needs it or not. Problem is I am very arthritic and # 6 plug is in a position that whenever I work on that part I would gladly kill the engineers. In the time I finally get #6 out I could have done the 2 hours on other parts. I usually pull a couple of the easy ones to verify colour, gap, condition etc. I also verify the high voltage side to see if the ignition system is due for cleaning.


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