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...Make it all about PRIDE in Honda's or Goldwings
One thing that's really odd.

When Honda made the long lasting Gold-Wing and "IF" they knew they were selling toproud owners, wouldn't that in itself beget an extended OEM parts stockand/oran external warehouseHonda-shop "repair life" much longer than 10 years?

They (Honda & other Jap motorcycles) do have arather long track record of long life vehicles. This makes me wonder if "they"only have short term pride per vehicle and/or it's only about sales? If it's only about sales possibly they've hit a brick wall with the 1800 Wing and pulled out of America knowing the price was going to be very high ($30K) in this economic poor time. With the Wing nowback in their country, they have more control over what they'll offer in exports. While it was here, it was Americans who directed what the Wing should be.

Though we're still only conjecturing.

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