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1983 GL1100. In 3 years since I got the bike, the throttle has never had enough tension. I just replaced both cables and in fact it now has no tension at all. Throttle has no return tension to it. It doesn't feel like a sticky problem (I greased cable connects, throttle sleeve) - it feels more like a spring problem. I've read earlier post about kinks and positioning of cables - all is well there, too. (Is this really that touchy?)

There's a torsion spring on the crank wheel where the cables connect down at the carb. I assume this provides the sole tension that returns the throttle? Is there something else?

I assume the torsion spring is just worn out. But it's only sold as part of $250 assembly. Do I dare mess with where either end of the spring hooks? Try to increase tension by a quarter or half a turn? Or where I can get a new spring?? Can't find used part online. I hope to take care of this while my gas tank happens to be out of the way!

Thank you! Brian
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