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This 94 1500 has 300,000 miles showing on the clock. A friend of mine got it for a song. The body is in pretty good shape .The history is unknown but it doesnt look like the previous owner(s) had maintenance high on their list of priorities. It was smoking like a plugged up woodstove and #1 cylinder had about 40 lbs of compression. Today I removed one cylinder head and here is what I found so far. Lots of crud, carbon and a burnt exhaust valve in the #1 cylinder. I havent gone any further . ( I dont know what the owner wants to do yet) Just wanted to say that these are amazing engines... ..I drove it home the other day and despite these problems, and aside from smoking bad on startup and when backing off the throttle , it drove ok......If a poorly maintained engine with these problems is still running at 300,000 how far will a properly maintained engine go ?


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