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I just got out to go to Cavenders (western wear store) to get me some shoes the had on sale for 50% off. I needed a new pair so I thought this would be a good time to get them. WRONG!!! I rode the 1200 (side car is disconnected) to the store. There was a black suburban parked in front of Cavendars. I was going 3 mph as I tried to pass it while it was parked. Well the jerk decided to go when I was up to the rear tire. I laid on the horns but to no avail I hit his vehicle and left a small impression about 1" deep in the side and a 8" long scratch where my mirror went up as I started go over to the left. I nailed the gas to get me upright and got up beside him and called him everything but a nice guy. His wife got out of the Suburban and proceeded to say if they had hit me why wasn't I laying on the ground. She also she didn't appreciate me using such language in front of her kids. A motorcycle cop had witnessed what took place. The cop asked me to calm down and told me all that wasn't necessary. I told him he should understand since he is rider. He tried to nod but as a "peace" officer I think he tried to stay impartial. The cop asked me if I wanted to press charges, I said no and hoped this guy would learn his lesson to look out for motorcycles. The jerk wad tells the cop he wants to press charges on me for, get this, "verbal abuse". I turned around and told the cop if that's the case I do want to press charges on the felony hit and run charges he should be getting. The look on the jerks face was priceless. The cop asked him again if he wanted to press charges. He said no but thinks I need to go to anger management class. I told him he needs to go back to driving school and learn how to drive again. I was then asked to leave the scene if I am not going to press charges. So I did hoping he might learn but I doubt it. Oh neither me nor the bike suffered any damage. I got lucky again.

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