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Winger77 wrote:
Hey Dusty,,,,,,, this is a great shot. I didn't seem to get as nice a pic of that area. I try to explain it to folks as to how desilant it was when we were looking for a camp area.

We got real lucky ,,,,,,,,,eh.

Yup, we sure were lucky to literally stumble upon that campsite after such a day as we had that day.

We broke camp at Snow Canyon State Park ....

.... rode into the St George area to resupply some grub and get you a water bladder to combat the heat and dry, desert climate, headed on up and checked out Cedar Breaks NM ....

riding past beautifulPanguitch Lake ....

before heading over and checking out the campsites/pee break,over by Red Canyon. .....

Then we headed up into Bryce Canyon NP and messed around with some of the 'local Wildlife'and took in some of the other sites there.....

We then headed up Scenic Byway UT 12(great road! ) towards Escalante ..... get fuel for both our bikes and our belly's, but if I remember right, we left hungry We continued on up SR 12 to Calf Creek Rec Area, ....

which was to be our campsite for the night, but it was full. I remember me almost dropping the bike whilecrossingthe creek, on that slime covered concrete 'spillway', that was submerged!

So, we headed on out, up along SR 12, past a couple of close encounters with some livestock on the road, hung a right at Torrey, on SR 24, towards the Campsite at Fruita,Capital Reef NP, which was my 'Back Up Plan "B"'

Well, when we got to the campgrounds at Fruita, they were all full and the office/visitor Centre was closed up. What to do now? ! ? ! ? Night was fast approaching and we were out of water and no place to sleep. Luckily, there was a water tap there and we filled up that 1 gallon water jug and headed further east, looking for a spot to 'Camp at Large'.

All the spots that gave access off of the road, were maybe manageable with a 4 Wheel Drive vehicle/ATV, but certainly not something to take a bike likeour Wings down. There was a threat of rain, as well and that would make for some serious problems trying to get our bikes out of what ever low laying wash was available for us to pull off the road.

Things were looking pretty bleak, with no campsites in the next few hours of riding, that I knew of. We had slowed right down at any likely looking spot, but upon further scrutiny, they were not a place to venture into.

Then, as we were pretty low on hope, we crested a rise and saw in the distance an area that was cleared, with a big oldbuilding, with the time faded, weather beatenwords "CAMPING" on it's roof,barely legible .

Dave and I pulled in, relieved that we found this 'Oasis', even though it looked deserted, with no signs of life, or even tracks around. I had already made up my mind that this would be 'home' for the night. Upon further exploration, we saw a sign by the front door with instructions to call this toll free number. We looked at each other, wondering where we would find a phone and even if we should bother. We both figured nobody had been around here for ages. Dave did some more snooping around and found a public telephone down the side of the building and called the number. He was informed to find a site and a fella was already on his way to register us. Seems they lived way off on the other side of the road and saw us pull in. We registered and were surprised as all get out, at the impeccably kept bathrooms/showers We got hurriedly set up and I'm thinking we made dinner, not having anything to eat since early morning. I think we heard about 3 cars and a pair of bikes go the rest of the night and early next morn. I believe the name of the campground was aptly named - Sleepy Hollow.

That how you remember it, Dave ?

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