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Hey Rick,,,,, everything that Dusty says is right on. And he is a true master of planning out a route. But it's really not all that hard.

My first big tour was last year (2008). Never been off the east coast myself. Made up my mind to see the West like I've always wanted. Like Dusty said,,,,, there are so many members here that are eager to share info of any area you might be interested in. I did the the "research" through here and google maps. Had me an itinerary for motels and campgrounds. Well,,,,,,, the plan was to head out on a Saturday morning. But when I got home from work that Friday, there was plenty of daylight left, and I knew I would not be able to sleep,,,,, just like a kid on Christmas eve.

I headed out at 5:30pm and that just blew the whole itinerary schedual out the window. I never saw any of those "planned" motels or camps. Sure,,,, I was a bit concerned of where I would end each day. But there is always a town of sort along the way. And to me (at least now) having camp gear with me,,,,,, I'm always covered.

It was, and still is,the best way to travel. No real particular place to be, except to follow my route to the places I wanted to see and ride. And it turned out to not only be a journey, but atrue "Adventure".

My trip to NASSIR-2 was only with the plans of seeing the Grand Canyon, meeting Dusty in Utah, and make it to NASSIR. Had my routes to follow,,,,, the rest,,,,,well,,,,,, I guess you could say I just "Winged it". I never even planned a route for home till the night before. And that turned out to be great also.

So do yourself a favor Rick,,,,,,,,,,,, pack the wing, and point her WEST, you'll be glad you did.Those Rocky Mountains will astound you.

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