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Lightin wrote:
When the dealers get hungry agian this will change meanwhile us dino retired dealer mechanics get lots of fishing, rideing, money from it because they wont and just plain ole friendly visits from a lot of folks
I like that, that is the way it should be, anyway... If you own a bike over 10 years old, chances are you don't have the cash for newer, or had you've hadbike for awhile, and should know it by now... Better to hang out with mechanic working on your bike to learn about it & get some companionship out of it also

The 3rd oldest Honda dealer in MN is 20 miles from me, they will work on any year Honda, I had them do my tires, honest prices... Austin, MN They will order OEM parts if I ask, but, seldom do I go that route... I like how some of the posts here are bashing HD's, but I am taking a break from that for now
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