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Kit Carson 07-15-2008 03:32 PM

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Dear American Honda:

There is a fellow on this site who needs some help. Dealers have been contacted and the problem has not been resolved.

I had written your company a letter by registered mail and had gotten no timely response so today I called your company.

To begin with just to talk to someone was a very long wait, 35 minutes before anyone would even say hello.

Once I got past the fact it was not my bike I wanted help with, but still a goldwing, I was politely informed that the Company of American Honda does not, will not , in no uncertain terms.......absolutely will not...provide any type, kind or hint of technical assistance to any owner of any Honda motorcycle either by phone or written word.
All technical assistance must come through your dealer.

I was finally given over to a supervisor who documented my complaints with dealer service and my own personal experience with my dealer, but this may or may not do any good.

In the interest of long term relationships with your customers.....I would certainly consider a little bit more of an interest in your customers....might help you keep a few.

I have dealt with both Yamaha and Harley Davidson.......on various issues...and they were always quite helpful and tried their best to explain things and to provide any kind of assistance they could......yes they also prefer you use a dealer......but also understand that at a certain point the buyer becomes totally frustrated with a dealers and wishes to go to the next step.

I sincerely hope you listen to this. I do like my 1800, I think it to be the very best engineered motorcycle to have ever been built.

Still your customer service really stinks......there are no nice words to simply other way to explain it.


Rudy 07-15-2008 03:41 PM

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They are doing you a favor.

I don't ever have that problem with them about my 1500 and I couldn't be happier being out of their network.

Kit Carson 07-15-2008 04:22 PM

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Rudy wrote:

They are doing you a favor.

I don't ever have that problem with them about my 1500 and I couldn't be happier being out of their network.
But you are different than the rest of us;) Come on .....laugh a bit. I am just messing around...Kit

gasseous 08-22-2008 04:42 PM

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I am with you. Honda Customer Service Sucks!! If given a choice, I would sell this GL1800, with less than 1,000 miles on it.... and run, not walk to Harley Davison....


Kit Carson 08-23-2008 01:08 PM

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I would not give up the 1800......nope....not me. I think it is the best bike ever made.
Also in the struggle of life, and all the things that can and does happen I finally learned to never make rash decisions.

My letter is of a true experience, and I have had another since with the same result. The letter is placed here for a purpose, hopefully, some person with some responsibility at Honda will read it. I know they do from time to time.

The exact statement from Honda to me was: We at Honda do not offer any technical assistance to any private owner, either by phone or by written word. The only thing they would do is say......we will document your concerns, at this point I had given up trying to deal with this level of planned and trained response.

They very much wish you to use dealer support. I can see the benefit of this....and if all things worked well, it would be a good thing. They know about the fact that sometimes due to many reasons a relationship between an owner and dealer goes south. However they offer no concern over that.

Any other motorcycle manufacturer I have ever had cause to deal with, yes they all move a might slow on things, but the others have always at least tried to talk to me and point me in a correct direction, or call and set up work at another dealer , and would discuss any known situations with a machine with me.

Would just be common courtesy to treat the owners of these bikes with a shown concern and a little discussion about a situation.

That was the reason for my letter .......and this response.......maybe one day it will do some good. Maybe not........but I did try. Kit

gasseous 10-07-2008 10:35 AM

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The Saga continues.....

After my experience with Honda Service, I wrote a letter showing my displeasure. Since that was 2 months ago, I figured that it had found its way into the round file.

Yesterday, I was phoned by the Honda Company Customer Service Department.

My letter, it seems, had made its way to a representative. While it didn't change Honda's mind, and I haven't seen anything to soothe my feelings, they did assure me that a stern talk would be taking place with the dealers involved.

This doesn't make me feel any better, but who knows.... maybe something good will come of it?

I took your advice and didn't give up on my GL1800. I like it more and more as I ride it. The service is something else that shall take some time to get accustomed to.


Kit Carson 10-07-2008 12:40 PM

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It does take time. But it does help. Not so much for the one who is in the basket at the time, but slowly but surely it does help.

I have had several go-rounds with them. But the one that did the best was the one over when I purchased my bike. It is very rare that I get mad, but the dealer made smoke come out of my ears, when the dust settled, the dealer called and apologized and they have now implemented a new delivery system and do a better job checking out the bikes before delivery.

Will mistakes still be made? Sure!! New employees, sales people who do not even know what that lever is for when you ask them. Do not even think about getting one to show you where the fuse panel is because they do not have a clue.

But it does help. Those who come after us.


Daveo 10-08-2008 02:40 AM

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Kit, yeah, you probably know more than the sales guy at the dealership. You almost have to to spend that kind of money on a new wing.

When I asked the sales guy the day I picked up my bike what kind of gasoline I should run, he said premium.... Glad I took the time to read the owners manual


Bobby B 11-04-2008 09:10 PM

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I think in any dealership, manufacturer, etc, there is always run-a-round. All that running makes me tired. I think customers know what they need and especially what they want!

hndewing 11-24-2008 10:56 PM

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Gasseous, I'll give you $2,000. for your 1800 so you can go and get your HD.

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