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I am asking all of the electronic gurus for some help in my idea to add a cell phone connection into the Intercom system for my GL1200.

Here is my current setup. I have an Audiovox 100 FM modulator that is connected inline with my antenna from the Radio. The beauty of the Audiovox is that it blocks any incoming signal from the antenna and feeds its signal into the antenna so the radio provides a great sound just like you were listening to a very strong FM station.

My cell phone, which also plays mp3 music, is my aux music source for those ride into remote areas. Anyway the need thing about my cell is that if I get an incoming call, it stops the music, and automatically goes into phone mode. This combined with a headset mic/earphone gives me hands free communications.

I would like to wire the microphone/speakers from my helmet so that when the cell phone goes into phone mode, I could flip a switch and now the helmet mic provides input to the cell phone and not the intercom. There are some systems out there that do a similar job for the GL1500/GL1800 but not the GL1200.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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