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i'm doing the straight axle build. but on my first trike straight axle i left the rear end centered and it worked great. your shaft is already off center some so you may can get by with cutting both axles and tubes the same. i think you would be safe to do that.

but all the rear ends on here are different only you can decide which way to go. your there and you can mock it up and see how much of an angle you have. just my 2 cents worth.

i think 57"-58" and that includes to the outside edge of your tires. that would give you 1"-1.5" on each side for tire clearance. so your measurements will have to be made with your tire and wheel choice. your rear end length will be several inchs shorter than the 57 or 58 inchs.

would have been nice for you to have gotten the frame cage with the rear end. would have probably save you a lot of fabrication time.

and the gear ratio is very close. remember the height of the tire will affect the final ratio. the height of the bikes rear tire is a good place to start.
24" or 25" height should put you in the ballpark

just do it and ask questions later. if you never start you\'ll never finish.

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