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A relay usually has 4 connectors. Two of those connectors will be a + (plus) and a - (minus). these two connectors are used to energize the relay. The other two connections "breaks" (normally closed) or "makes" (normally open) the circuit going to the device it is controlling.

If you can trace back the wires from the fuel pump that goes to the relay that will be the wire that controls the pump. There should be one wire that shows a short to ground (the - for the relay to energize. There will probably be 2 wires that show voltage, the smaller of the two will probably be the + that energizes the relay (this may pulse when the engine is running). The larger of the two will probably be what feeds the wire that is going to the relay.

What you really want to see (and you already know this because you verified the pump runs) is that the wire going to the pump gets voltage on it (either steady when key is turned on, or pulsed when engine is running).

If you didn't have the voltage going to the pump, you would make sure that the smaller + wire was seeing voltage (steady or pulsed) and the larger + wire have study voltage on.

I haven't looked at mine or found a wiring diagram so I don't know what the white wire does. Posting the test procedure you have may help make it easier to understand. But I would say, if the fuel pump is running, then that relay is good. When a relay fails it stops working all together.

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